Upcoming HUM TV Dramas to watch in November 2023


As November approaches, the expectation for new and instigative dramas on Hum Tv is erecting up among Pakistani drama audience. With a character for delivering amazing stories and exceptional performances, Hum television constantly offers a different array of dramas. In this blog post, we’ll take a near look at the most awaited television dramas set to premiere in November 2023. From compelling stories to star- speckled casts, these dramas promise to keep you fused to your tv’s.

1. Zulm

In the realm of Pakistani TV, expectation is soaring as Hum Tv. Its forthcoming drama series, “Zulm”, unveils its stimulating caravan and teasers. The audience response to this important-awaited show has been nothing short of exhilarating. As they’ve raised their excitement and admiration for the action-packed theme. And celebrated the return of seasoned actor Faysal Qureshi in style. The “Zulm” teasers have really struck a passion with observers. It is leaving them in admiration of the forthcoming drama’s gripping narrative and emotional product values. The action-packed sequences showcased in the teasers have set the stage. It appears to be a violent and compelling plot. It is promising an adrenaline-filled experience for observers.

The inviting positive response to the “Zulm” teasers on social media is a testament to the excitement. Audience have praised the exceptional direction by Ilyas Kashmiri and the jotting bents of Rehana Aftab. It is looking promise to deliver a important and study-provoking narrative. ‘Momina Duraid Production’ is known for its commitment to quality and excellence. And it seems that “Zulm” is going to be another feather in their cap. With a plot and an astral cast, “Zulm” has all the constituents to come a must- watch drama series.

As the expectation for “Zulm” reaches a fever pitch, observers likewise are counting down the days until the show’s premiere. The inviting enthusiasm and positive feedback entered by the teasers only add to the excitement. “Zulm” promises to be a remarkable addition to Hum Tv portfolio. And it’s a testament to the ever-growing quality of Pakistani TV. Stay tune for the grand trip that “Zulm” is set to offer. And get ready by a story of adaptability and injustice like noway ahead.

Zulm – Trailer

2. Namak Haram

“Namak Haram” comes with a gripping tale of fidelity and growing hostility fuelled by a misreading. The drama delves into the history and present of a family, where an fugitive reality becomes a grasp of vindictiveness for the lives of everyone around. Imran Ashraf and Sarah Falak Khan, the dynamic brace from the hit drama periodical “Raqs e Bismil” are going to make a stunning comeback. Their on-screen chemistry had preliminarily triumphed in the hearts of audience, and they are eagerly awaiting their reunion. The story revolves around Imran Ashraf’s character, Mureed, whose perception is spoiling by false slants, setting the stage for a engaging story of fastness tested by stewed misconstructions. With an astral cast, a promising plot, and the magic of Imran and Sarah’s on-screen chemistry, “Namak Haram” is going to be another indelible drama that will enthral the observers.

Namak Haram – Trailer

3. Raah e Junoon

“Raah e Junoon” tells the story of undeterred love, where blood searing with love stands immense in the face of adversities to earn the love of a continuance. Danish Taimoor is going to play the character of Shabrez which is the lead of the story. With the drama’s background showcasing Pakistan’s stirring natural geographies, the scenic beauty is sure to add an redundant subcaste of visual appeal to the storytelling. With the release of the first teaser, Danish Taimoor’s forthcoming adventure with television is generating significant buzz on social media. The fresh pairing of Danish Taimoor and Komal Meer adds to the refreshing commencement of the series. With the mix of a new story and remarkable performances, Hum Tv is each set to keep their spectators hooked to their screens.

Raah e Junoon – Trailer

These blockbuster forthcoming drama diurnals: Zulm, Namak Haram and Raah e Junoon are cooked to offer a different range of violent narratives, memorable performances, and a pledge of top-notch liar. Pakistani TV audience can look forward to an instigative lineup of entertainment that’s set to leave a continuing impact. Stay tuned for the premieres of these remarkable drama diurnals that continue to elevate the quality of Pakistani TV only on the television.


HUM television continues to enthral its observers with a different range of dramas, and the forthcoming November 2023 lineup is no exception. Whether you are a addict of romantic dramas, mystifications, literal epics, or family sagas, there is commodity for everyone to look forward to. With talented actors and engaging plots, these dramas are sure to keep spectators hooked throughout the month of November. So, clear your schedules in winters, and get ready for an instigative month of Pakistani TV dramas!

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